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Business Insurance Agency

AW Insurance agency knows insurance in and around Edwardsville, Illinois. We work with some of the best business insurance companies in the world. Our agency goal is to provide your business with a complete insurance program. We can help you cover propertyprofessional liability, general liability, work comp, and employee benefits.

Small Business Insurance Providers

  1. Guard Insurance
  2. Erie Insurance
  3. Employers Insurance
  4. Spriska
  5. UCA General
  6. BSR Insurance
  7. And many others.

Like other agencies, we work with a select group of highly rated business insurance providers to serve our customers in Edwardsville, IL. But, if we don’t have an “in-house” provider that fits your needs we have business relationships with JM Wilson and Burns and Wilcox which helps us to find the very best market for your business.

Business Insurance Cost

Business insurance is unique. The cost of business insurance will vary based on your industry.  For example, a saw mill would be more expensive to insure than a retail clothing store. But, an experienced agent and a small business owner can install a program to keep insurance expense low. Agents and owners can use deductibles, coinsurance, actual cash value, experience modifications, and insurance company credits to manage the price of your insurance package.

Business Insurance for a New Business

Businesses new and old need an insurance program. But, new business have no previous insurance experience. This fact alone, will result in some insurance companies not making an offer. But, other companies love new businesses. It’s important to let an agent know up front if you are starting a new business.  We will need more information regarding your past experience:

  1. Why are you starting the business?
  2. Have you done this before? if so, how long?
  3. Have you had a formal education?

our experienced independent agents are here to help. Give us a call today.

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