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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fallen Trees

Are fallen trees covered on a homeowners policy

A common problem for a homeowners is a fallen tree. What is the limit covered under a standard homeowners policy (HO3)? Are some companies better than others when it comes to tree removal? In order to understand tree removal coverage you need to understand the base coverage on most homeowners policies. The standard language for tree removal coverage on an HO3 are as follows:


Tree Removal Coverage part 1

We will also pay your reasonable expense, up to $1,000, for the removal from the “residence premises” of:
(1) Your tree(s) felled by the peril of Windstorm or Hail or Weight of Ice, Snow or Sleet; or (2) A neighbor’s tree(s) felled by a Peril Insured Against under Coverage C;provided the tree(s): (3) Damage(s) a covered structure; or (4) Does not damage a covered structure, but: (a) Block(s) a driveway on the “residence premises” which prevent(s) a “motor vehicle”, that is registered for use on public roads or property, from entering or leaving the “residence premises”; or (b) Block(s) a ramp or other fixture designed to assist a handicapped person to enter or leave the dwelling building. The $1,000 limit is the most we will pay in any one loss regardless of the number of fallen trees. No more than $500 of this limit
will be paid for the removal of any one tree.

Tree Removal Coverage part 2

Trees, Shrubs And Other Plants:We cover trees, shrubs, plants or lawns, on the “residence premises”, for loss caused by the following Perils Insured Against: a. Fire or Lightning; b. Explosion; c. Riot or Civil Commotion; d. Aircraft; e. Vehicles not owned or operated by a resident of the “residence premises”; f. Vandalism or Malicious Mischief; g. Theft. We will pay up to 5% of the limit of liability that applies to the dwelling for all trees, shrubs, plants or lawns. No more than $500 of this limit will be paid for any one tree, shrub or plant. We do not cover property grown for “business”

How to Increase Tree Removal Coverage

Ask your independent agent. Each company is going to be different. For instance, Erie insurance covers trees up to 20% of your total home for trees. Not all companies will offer more coverage. For example, ASI does not offer to increase coverage for tree removal. Look for different coverage “levels”, many times companies will offer a basic or bronze level policy that is less expensive. Tree removal coverage could be one of the benefits cut out of a basic policy.

When Tree Removal Coverage is Denied

If you have neglected to remove a sick or dead trees the insurance companies can and will deny coverage. It is very important take care of your property. It is also a good idea to ask your neighbor to take care of dead trees if they could fall on your land.

Final Thoughts

All claims are subject to your deductible. Even though homeowners insurance will cover tree removal it may not be worth the claim. Always speak to your agent before calling the insurance company directly to file a claim or ask questions.

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